Monday, September 22, 2014

Parts of a dicotyledon {Botany}

We are working on seeds this week.  I was really pleased with how hard everyone worked this afternoon on their booklets and sorting. This is a pretty simple set up but has a ton of extensions. 

We used a mini muffin tin and four different varieties of seeds. We bought ours from the thrift store so I was limited with the types. Buy larger seeds (beans, squash) for smaller hands and smaller seeds (carrots, broccoli) for a bigger challenge. The top row contains an example seed and a card with the common and latin names. The middle row is the picture of the seed. It worked well to cover up that hole on the muffin tin. The bottom row is where they placed the matching seeds. 

Nomenclature cards. We did a three part lesson on the parts and ordered them in terms of growth. 

Working on writing. These are almost always a hit.  The younger ones work on tracing the words and coloring the pictures. 

More Resources

Montessori WorkJobs has a great printable as well
Free Seed and Plant Matching Cards from Montessori Print Shop

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